Meet Suze. She's serious about soaking, aromatherapy and a good wine 🍷 

Suze’s obsession with soaking began back in her corporate days. Bath, Netflix and wine was (and still is) her way to unwind after a busy week helping Australian entrepreneurs achieve their goals. She knew soaking was a powerful tool to keep stress at bay but it was only after adding in her love for holistic healing that she realised how powerful it could be.

With a degree in healthcare and a multicultural upbringing, Suze has always been aware of both western and eastern healing. Like many of us she’s used western medicine to “heal” her ailments but it was only after trying to stop she realised she wasn’t healing symptoms, she was masking them. In true Soak Sisters style she decided to try more holistic ways of looking after her body and mind, drawing on her eastern medicine roots.

Through a journey that led to magnesium and aromatherapy, Suze learnt how incredible natural remedies can be. She created Soak Sisters as a way to share this experience without any of the woo-woo that can scare sisters away.



Our philosophy: Self care that actually cares

The ultimate form of self care is looking after your mind, body and soul - but that doesn’t mean it has to be boring! Soak Sisters are on a mission to help women take the time to replenish mentally and physically, while using natural remedies to care for their health.

This mission ties in closely with the Japanese philosophy of Wabi-sabi - inviting all to pause momentarily, focus on your blessings and acknowledge you are exactly where you need to be in this moment. Much like a restorative soak! This is where the macrons in Soak Sisters comes from, marking a long vowel in encouragement for you to enjoy a long soak.


Our ingredients: Pure, natural and a great excuse for a sōak

We only use ingredients that are proven to love our soak sisters as much as we do. To bring our mission to life, we only use pure magnesium chloride and natural aromatherapy oils in our soaks. These are ingredients with both medical and eastern roots - in other words, they work! This means every sister that uses them not only gets the dreamy downtime of a soak but feels the stress-melting, tension-relieving, soothing effects of these natural remedies.

Ready for a soak? Choose your new favourite now.