Magnesium Chloride vs Epsom Salt - which salt should you choose?

We’ve all heard of Epsom Salts - whether that’s through seeing them on nana’s bathroom cabinet or from using them ourselves after a hard workout. But did you know these classic salts are not the ones to choose if you’re serious about healing your body?

Sure, magnesium chloride (the stuff in Sōak Sisters) and Epsom Salt (aka bath salts) might look the same, but then so does salsa and hot sauce - and you wouldn’t want to get those two confused either.

To break it down for you, Epsom Salt (or bath salts)  is a form of magnesium also known as magnesium sulfate. This does have some of the properties of magnesium our bodies need but is much less readily absorbed by the body.

Magnesium chloride however, (the salt we use in Sōak Sisters) has a different molecular structure that allows it to be absorbed more easily and efficiently into the body.

That means for greater health benefits, that last longer, you want to be using 100% magnesium chloride in your bath.

What are these health benefits you ask? There are almost too many to tell you!

Across the medical community, the importance of magnesium has been universally acknowledged. It’s an essential mineral that plays an important role in over 300 biochemical functions in the body. From benefiting the nervous system and metabolism, to preventing sleep disorders and increasing athletic performance - there’s nothing this powerhouse mineral can’t do.

Great, but what happens if, like 20% of Australians, you have a magnesium deficiency? Well, here’s the good news: it has been scientifically proven that supplementing orally and through soaking  has a positive effect on the body.

The proven health benefits of supplementing magnesium include:

  • Supports natural muscle recovery, reducing post-work out recovering time
  • Improving sleep and curbing insomnia
  • Remove toxins from the at a cellular level (the ultimate detox)
  • Relieving anxiety and stress
  • Improve circulation and blood flow
  • Soothing skin conditions - eczema, acne, psoriasis and dermatitis be gone.
  • Relieving joint pain

If you’re ready to supercharge your health with magnesium, then a magnesium chloride bath is the only way to go. You don’t need to visit a doctor or wellness centre, all you need to do is pour a handful of sōak sisters into your tub and relax - easy right!

Order your sōak sisters starter pack and discover the health benefits of magnesium chloride.